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It's time you got serious about growing your YouTube channel!

Whether you have family to take care of, are transitioning from a J.O.B. to work full-time on your channel, or just need a pace that fits your busy life, the YouTube Growth Masterclass is for you.

When you enroll in this Masterclass you can take your time learning and implementing the strategies at your own pace while getting the benefit of being able to ask questions, get support, and join a community of other creators. (Nothing feels lonelier than going it alone.) 

Holly A.

Kisha P. 

If you’re truly ready to grow your channel (beyond subscriber count) via watch time and increase your YouTube revenue, this course is the way! The modules are packed with ‘major keys’, best practices, and tried and true ways to be successful and drive and grow your channel. I felt stuck ahead of this course, worried about how I would continue to monetize, but now on the other side, I’m happily overwhelmed with the tools and methods that were shared here, to help me be successful. More watch time, value, and growth in my channel’s future--and it is truly a result of this course! 

Toni's course has been incredible. I have been struggling on my channel since 2017, uploading content I thought was good, but wasn't what my target audience wanted to watch. Toni's teachings brought me back to the first steps (which was extremely important ) and she helped me clean up my channel, have my message on Youtube be clearer, helped me strategically with a YouTube banner that makes sense, and just so many things that leveled up my YouTube game. 

Hi, I’m Toni Tanner-Scott, and I’m the strategist behind incredibly successful YouTube channels and social media accounts across the internet. 
When my daughter, Raven Elyse, decided she wanted a bigger YouTube channel, I jumped on board to help her do it! In less than a year, we doubled her audience while quadrupling the channel’s revenue. Her channel now has more than 1.7 million subscribers and over 200 million views, continues to grow daily. 

If you’re looking to grow your channel (and your income and impact) too, then I’m here to help. 

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Inside of the YouTube Growth Masterclass you’ll learn how to: 

- UP LEVEL your brand to look more professional, get more deals, and attract more viewers

- TRANSFORM your channel to increase viewership and subscription rates

-  OPTIMIZE your content to get more clicks (which means more views, more engagement, and more click-thru purchases, and in turn, more profit)

- INCREASE watch time on your channel and keep viewers coming back for more

- LEVERAGE the algorithm to create superfans using repurposed content

- CREATE A GAME PLAN so you’re showing up consistently and efficiently and effectively move closer to your goals each week

+ You are a business owner, brand or influencer that has already started your journey on Youtube--you've posted dozens of videos and have attracted at least a few thousand subscribers.
+ You’re a self-starter, who may need more time to work on the tasks and needs time to process the material before asking for help or support.
+ You want a self-paced program where you can implement your strategies in your own time. 
+ You have clear and specific goals in mind and are ready to take the next big steps to grow your channel and your business. 
+ You have the time and money to invest in the future of your YouTube channel.
+ You would benefit from being apart of a supportive community of like-minded YouTube creators.

The YouTube Growth Masterclass is perfect for you if…


Branding is the foundation of the succcess of your entire YouTube channel.  Your brand identity, brand message, and visual branding all play a part in attracting your ideal viewers. Viewers who will stick around, happily engage with you, watch more of your content and share with others.

level up your branding


Your Youtube channel's home page needs to grab your potential subscriber's attention, tell them everything they need to know about you and your brand, and encourage them to come back again and again to consume more of your content.

transform your home page


This module is all about making people click and start watching your videos. What are the best title and thumbnail combinations? Which tags should I use? What's so important about my video description? What do I need to do to get my videos suggested by YouTube? Just a few of the questions that you'll get the answers to plus more.

optimize your videos

Masterclass Modules


This module is all about how to keep people watching. What should my videos be about? How do I film and edit my videos to get people to watch longer?  How do I find new content ideas that my audience wants to watch? How do I create more discoverable content to draw in more subscribers?

refine your content


You may have heard of "view velocity" on Youtube.  You'll learn exactly how it works and how to promote your videos to complement this process.  When to post, what to do right after you post, and how to keep the flow of viewers coming to your videos. You'll learn all this plus how use your Youtube analytic data so that you know exactly what to post next.

promote your videos


Everyone says that consistency and frequency are key components of growing a large audience on Youtube, but not everyone knows how to accomplish this. You'll learn about tracking your progress, goal setting, planning, batching, and workflows that keep your channel running smoothly.

how to get it all done




· 6 modules (24+ lessons) ON THE YOUTUBE GROWTH STRATEGY
· 12 live Q&A SESSIONS via zoom with toni tanner-scott
· Private Facebook group for MASTERCLASS STUDENTS only
· Access to all of the Resources (worksheets, videos, guides & tools)
· 12 MONTHS OF email support

+++bonus:  three (3) additional mini courses (working with brands + winning the instagram game) 

I've got answers

when does the masterclass start and finish and how long do I have access to the masterclass materials? 

have questions?

All coaching programs are done via FaceTime or phone call! Whichever you prefer.

You bet! We have Decide + Conquer Program graduates from all over the world- United States, New Zealand, England, Japan, Australia, Sweden, and more.

If there is not a time that works with your schedule, send an email to with your time zone and times in the next week that you are available for your consultation call.

 Program pricing starts at $2,000. We have different programs and payment plans to meet your needs. Let’s get you started by booking a free consultation call.

Because of the nature of the content, all sales are final.

Once you've enrolled, you have lifetime access to the Masterclass. You can work at your own pace and there is no deadline to finish.

can i enroll in the masterclass if I am a brand new youtube creator?

This class was not designed for new YouTube creators. It will be more beneficial if you are a creator who has posted quite a few videos (more than 50) and attracted at least a few thousand subscribers.

what if I start the masterclass and decide it's not for me?

Please be sure to carefully read the entire course description before you enroll. That being said, I would not want anyone in the course who is not finding it beneficial, so there is a 30-day money back guarantee.  

YouTube Growth Masterclass Course
6 modules and over 24 lessons, lectures, how to videos, and templates and worksheets 

12 YouTube Growth Strategy Q&A Sessions
Weekly one-hour LIVE Zoom Q&A Sessions with me answering all your questions about the YouTube Growth Strategy

Private Facebook Group
Access to an exclusive private Facebook group for Masterclass students only where you can ask questions, collaborate, get feedback, share resources, network, and more

Ongoing Support
12 months of direct access to me via email for questions and support regarding anything to do with the YouTube Growth Masterclass

Access to Resources
Access to our full library of resources, including recordings of Q&A sessions, videos, documents, and worksheets.

When you say YES to the YouTube Growth Masterclass, you'll receive:

Nelia D.

Briana W., NYLA Influencers

Toni Scott has been HUGELY instrumental in the growth of my business. I’ve worked with Toni for two years and she is incredibly insightful. This year, Toni has helped me A) discover what I truly want for my business B) helped me define my niche C) has provided valuable resources to help my business grow...the list goes on! I enrolled in Toni’s YouTube coaching recently and my clients have already seen improvement from Toni’s tips. Not only is she a great mentor, but she is also supportive, and truly cares about the growth of her clients. I would 1000% recommend Toni to any online creator who is serious about taking their YouTube presence to the next level.

There are a LOT of YouTube classes out there, and I'm here to say that THIS one is worth the time and money. Toni goes into extreme detail and provides an abundance of information for all aspects of being a YouTuber and making your channel worth subscribing to. This course was jam-packed with gems and I finished each module walking away feeling motivated to keep growing my channel.

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+ Access to me via 12 Zoom Q&A calls is worth over $2,400 alone. 

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+ I understand that this is a BIG investment in yourself and your channel

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