5 Things You Need on Your YouTube “About” Page

Setting up your “about” page the RIGHT way on YouTube is an easy win for you. Very few youtube creators have taken the time to put ANYTHING in this section of their channels–and if they have, it’s either not enough information or the wrong information. When you take action, and create or update your about page with all the information you learn in this lesson, you are creating the BEST user experience for your viewers. These days, on Youtube–or on any social media platform, for that matter– you MUST make it easy for the people you are trying to attract to find the information they want to know. 

Let’s imagine I happen to watch one of your youtube videos and I really like it. If I click on your channel page, and it’s showing me and telling me what other content you’ve posted that I may be interested in, that’s great! (by the way, that’s everything that you’re learning in this module). But maybe I’d like to get a little bit more insight into who you are as a creator. When I click on your “about” tab, that is exactly what I’m expecting to find. Tell me about your channel; tell me about yourself. Nothing long and drawn out. Precise, simple, clear, to the point is best. 

I want to talk about some really important things that you should have on your about page and how to structure your about page so that it does what it’s supposed to do, which is draws your ideal viewers in by telling them exactly what your channel is about and giving them ALL the information they need to know about it.  

1) A keyword rich DESCRIPTION

The first thing we want to focus on on your about page is your description. This should be a couple of  paragraphs explaining what your channel is about.    

You could also tell your viewers a little about yourself—if it’s appropriate you can talk about your personality, your hobbies, or perhaps your experience, education, skills, or even your story if it’s relevant to your youtube channel.  

I notice a lot of creators starting off their about page introducing and talking about themselves.  And there’s nothing wrong with talking about yourself and introducing yourself, the problem is doing in the first few sentences.  Those first sentence should be about the BENEFITS or the VALUE that your viewers will get when they watch your content.  

Why?  Because those first couple of sentences are going to be the first thing someone reads if they click on your about tab, but it’s also going to be what someone sees if your channel happens to come up in the search results.  

Here’s a an example of an about page done the wrong way.   


Welcome to The Crochet Corner!  My name is Janice, and I live in Houston, Texas with my two cats Jezebel and Julius. A little about me–I learned how to crochet when I was a little girl and now it’s my obsession—I also like to knit and sew. I make how to videos and I teach beginner crochet techniques.   

What’s the problem here? If someone is on your about page, they already know your channel name and probably your name also. You can still welcome them.  Just not in the first sentence.  Let’s change this around:  


Do you want to learn how to crochet?  On this channel you’ll find how to videos and tutorials that are simplified for the crochet beginner.   

Then…Welcome to The Crochet Corner!  My name is Janice, and I live in Houston, Texas with my two cats Jezebel and Julius. I learned how to crochet when I was a little girl and now it’s my obsession  

A few more things you should include in your description is your  

posting schedule 

your social media links 

Your contact information.   

Yes, your social media links and a contact email are separate components on your about page, but I recommend that you add this information to the description section as well.  


The next thing you will want to include is your posting schedule if you have one, and we’ve already talked about that   


Yes, there is a place for your contact email further down on this page, but you also may want to add a section in the description.  This is all about making sure it’s easy for someone to do business with you or for brands to get in touch with you if they want to work with you, so if this is something that is important to you, be sure it’s up to date. You can add your P.O. Box here or alternate methods of contact.   

You are going to link your social media and website further down this page, but you will also want to put the URL links right here in your description.  These are links to your other social media, to your website, landing pages if you sell a product or service, or any other place you want your viewers to go to.    


Add your email address and location, if desired  


This is where you will add your website link, and links to other social media. These icons will show up on your Youtube banner.  

Now you know everything that needs to be on your about page, how to write the description, and how to link your website and/or other social media accounts on your about page so that they show up on your channel banner.  

If you make sure to include these 5 things on your YouTube “About” page, ANYONE that happens to come across it will know exactly who you are and what you can offer them.    

Additionally, hopefully, because all of the information is top of mind for you, it will be a lot easier to know what content to create for your audience.

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