Thinking about PIVOTING on YouTube?

Embarking on a new journey or making a significant shift in content can be a daunting task for any YouTube creator. Questions about the best way to pivot, whether to start anew or transform the current channel, and how to attract an audience to this fresh direction are common and critical.

With the digital landscape constantly evolving, it’s essential to adapt and find ways to keep your content engaging and relevant. Drawing from years of experience and insights gained from industry conferences like Vidsummit, I’ve gathered valuable lessons on navigating these changes successfully.

The story of @kimbrleigha, an OG YouTube creator, serves as a powerful example of how to pivot effectively without starting from scratch. Her transition from beauty and pop socket reviews to true crime videos illuminates a path forward for creators looking to reinvent their channel while retaining and growing their audience.

She shared these key points–especially important if your new content is vastly different from the content you’re known for.

Don’t start a new channel. Here’s why not:

  • You’re probably already monetized (why give that up?)
  • You’ve worked hard to gain the subscribers you have
  • Your viewers like YOU and may be interested in your new topic
  • It’s easy to repurpose your channel with a new name, banner, profile picture, branding, etc

Renovate your existing channel and “prime” it for new viewers. This means…

  • Private most of your videos that don’t align with your new topic (this was a huge eye-opener for me, because I’ve always said DON’T delete or private because you may lose adsense revenue–I’m now seeing that this is very short-sighted)
  • Plan ahead and have at least 3 months of videos to post on your new topic.
  • Don’t worry about if these videos are good or get a lot of views
  • Do make sure the videos are optimized with the keywords that align with your new topic.

Here’s why renovating and priming your channel is important–you’re “teaching” the YouTube algorithm about your new content so that it can find the right viewers for you.

Pivoting your YouTube channel doesn’t mean leaving behind the hard-earned milestones you’ve already achieved. Instead, it’s about strategically repurposing your platform to introduce new content that reflects your current passions and goals.

By renovating your channel’s appearance and content, you’re not only preserving the monetization and subscriber base you’ve built but also setting the stage for new growth opportunities. Remember, consistency and patience are your allies in this journey.

Finally, be patient and don’t give up. Many creators get discouraged and fall back on their old “popular” content. It may take time for the YouTube algorithm and your audience to adjust to the change, but with dedication and strategic planning, your channel can thrive in its new direction. Let the experience of creators like @kimbrleigha inspire you to take that leap of faith, knowing that a thoughtful pivot can lead to even greater success on YouTube.

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